Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

I understand how overwhelming it can be to have the feeling of cold metal handcuffs being tightened around your wrists. The pain and anguish you feel might be physically uncomfortable, but such an experience can take a psychological toll as well. Seeking help from an experienced defense lawyer is your best chance for preserving your name and reputation.

Regardless of what circumstances lead you to my firm, when you choose to work with me I will analyze your case from every angle, explain your rights through every stage of your criminal proceedings, and fight for the best possible outcome for you. As a former prosecutor, I have a unique experience and insight to inform the way we proceed with your criminal defense case. 

You don’t want a criminal record to destroy your future. With over 30 years of experience, I have aggressively defended many clients against different misdemeanor and felony charges. No matter what you’re facing, you deserve to have an attorney on your side that cares. You can count on me to provide the guidance and fearless representation you need to work towards the most favorable outcome possible.

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What Not to Do When Facing a Criminal Charge

You may already know not to speak with the police until you've spoken with your attorney. Here are six additional tips you should keep in mind to help your best-case-scenario in the long run:

  1. Don't try to cut a deal with the prosecutor
  2. Don't open from a position of weakness
  3. Don't assume the police did their job correctly
  4. Don't back down from the idea of a jury trial
  5. Don't hire an attorney who will take shortcuts and jeopardize your future
  6. Don't leave any stone unturned during the process

Above all else, remember you're innocent until proven guilty. You need to hire a lawyer you can trust to defend your reputation and fight for your case.

My Approach to Criminal Defense Cases

I genuinely devote myself to your case completely, and I will defend your rights and freedom as if my own were at stake. When you choose to work with me you can expect me to approach your case by:

  • Fighting to help get your record cleared
  • Fighting against the opposing side using their own statements (when applicable)
  • Knowing how to catch inconsistencies in arguments
  • Demanding that evidence be tested at preliminary hearings and jury trials
  • Knowing what the arresting officer should have done properly, even if they didn't
  • Represent you if your case is eligible for expungement

I want to help you prepare to face your case with confidence. Don’t wait to reach out for my legal counsel to help you build a strong defense. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney in
St. Louis, Missouri

Have you recently been arrested or charged with a crime in the St. Louis? I am prepared to help you fight for your rights and freedom both in and out of court. Don't leave the outcome of your case to chance. No matter what situation you’re in— call me today to schedule a free consultation and discover how my experience can work for you.