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It’s no secret that being intoxicated (whether under the influence of alcohol or drugs) can lead to poor judgment and decision-making, but when those choices lead you to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the consequences can be devastating. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid an accident, getting pulled over and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) can affect many important areas in your life. 

DWI Charges in St. Louis

In the state of Missouri, DWI is a criminal charge that is taken extremely seriously and carries steep consequences regardless of whether it’s a first or repeat offense. These types of charges can potentially follow you for the rest of your life if they're not properly handled. 

You don’t want your life to be ruined by one moment of poor judgment. If you are facing a DWI charge, it’s important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to help you maintain your freedom both on and off the road. I have the skills and experience needed to resolve your case efficiently, and will always work to help you get the most favorable outcome possible.

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The penalties for a DWI charge can vary depending on the details of your situation. How far over the legal limit was your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)? Is this your first offense or a repeat charge? Was anyone else injured as a result of your reckless driving? These factors will determine the severity of the charge against you and the penalties associated with that. 

Missouri DWI Offenses and Penalties

You need to have an understanding of how the state will decide what action to take when considering the specifics of your offense. Typically, the penalties for a DWI in Missouri are as follows:

  • First Offense? A Class B misdemeanor, you could face a minimum of 48 hours of jail time up and the maximum jail sentence, which is 6 months. In addition to jail time, this can also come with a 30-day license suspension and fines of up to $500.
  • Second Offense? You will likely be charged with a "prior offender” or class A misdemeanor, where a minimum of 5 to 10 days up to 1-year of jail time and/or community service must be served. Additionally, you can expect fines of up to $1,000 and license revocation of up to a year.
  • Third, Fourth, or Fifth Offense? Beyond 2 prior convictions, additional DWI charges will recognize you as a "persistent offender" and come with felony charges. You may receive between two to four years of jail time, community service, fines of up to $5,000, multiple years of license revocation, if not indefinite license suspension.

The severity of the penalties you will have to face, and whether or not you will be eligible to expunge your misdemeanor will depend on the nature of your charges and if any injuries or property damage resulted from you driving while intoxicated. 

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your DWI, you don't have to face this situation alone. I will provide you with strong legal representation and support to minimize the damage this charge has on your future. Call today for a free consultation to discover how my experience can work for you.

DWI Defense Attorney in
St. Louis, Missouri

If you or a loved one is facing a difficult DWI charge, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side because the consequences of a conviction can be detrimental to your name, reputation, and future. Contact my firm, Bret M. Rich Attorney & Counselor at Law to have a strong defense for your case. Call today to schedule your free consultation.